About Coffee Beans and Tadpods

We have two variation of Tadpods to select from, Rufous and Anna.  Each has its own unique flavour profile and character.  You may find out more in our “Shop” page.

No.  Nespresso® trademark is owned by Societe Des Produits Nestle SA and is not affiliated with Tad Coffee.

Yes, our Tadpods are Nespresso® compatible and you may use our Tadpods on any of the Nespresso® machine in the market.

Yes, we offer coffee grinding service where we will deliver it as ground coffee.  Please leave a note at the checked out page and indicate the type of coffee brewing equipment you are using and we will do our best to provide you the coffee ground size that is suitable to your brewing equipment.

It is recommended to keep your coffee beans in cool and dry condition, in an air tight container or the coffee bags that you originally purchase. You should prevent direct contact of heat and light.  Most importantly, do not store the coffee beans in the refrigerator as the condensation may affect the quality of the coffee bean that may result in your cup of coffee.

Coffee will not expire but do have a best before date to take note of.  You are encourage to consume the coffee within 6 weeks from the roast date indicated on your coffee packaging.  We strive to deliver to you within 7 days from the roast date, so that you receive the freshest coffee possible.

Tad Coffee offers a wide range of coffee beans. We provide both Single Origin coffees and as well as Blends.  Blends are available on a regular basis while the Single Origin coffees are seasonal.  Do follow our social media platform and website for the latest offering.

Tad Coffee uses coffee of different origin, processing and grading systems.  Organic coffee availability depends on the coffee season.  When you purchase, we recommend you to look closely to the information given and we hope you find the coffee that suits your requirement.

Our business is not Halal certified.  The roasting plant we are roasting, is Halal certified.

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