Ankomn, Everlock Airtight Container 1.2L


Simple Airtight System
Easy to use, practical around the home and highly effective, this 100% airtight storage solution is the modern answer to food storage for your kitchen. Just one turn and the lid tightly sealed. It couldn’t be simpler, and thanks to this smart new technology, your food will be fresh and tasty.

Perfect For Stacking
Everlock`s modular design means they stack vertically, providing safe, secure storage while saving valuable space in your kitchen. It looks great too!

Cleaning With Ease
Special cover which creates airtight sealed can be disassembled to its components; plastic substrate rubber band and cover. In this way the product meets the highest hygiene standards because you can be sure you have removed the smallest particles of dust and dirt. This would be the most amazing experience you have ever gad in cleaning airtight container.

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White, Black