Ankomn, Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Container




Storage for every need

Turn-N-Seal locks in the flavor and freshness of any food. You can keep food tasty and fresh for days after you prepared it, so you always have the delicious food you love ready to go.

The Turn-N-Seal Secret?
What makes Turn-N-Seal so special is it is just so easy to use. The lid may be thinner than a pizza, but inside that innovative lid is the power to create a string vacuum in just one move, simply turn the knob!

Long Lasting and reliable
With no batteries or cables, Turn-N-Seal is designed to last. In fact, if you used Turn-N-Seal to create a vacuum every day, it would last for at least 5.000 days.

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1.2L Black, 0.6L White, 0.6L Black, 0.6L 40% Black