Contrast Box Season 2, Drip Bag




Season 2
One Box.
Two Flavours.

Flavours of coffee can be contributed by many factors:
from the
 origin, processing method, varietal, roasting method and to brewing.

In our second season, we want you to experience two different processing methods:
Natural and Fully Washed.

We manage to purchase this beautiful Ethiopia coffee,
from the region of Guji, Sidamo.
Anasora coffees are known for their big florals, fruit tones and fine acidity.
We love the fine acidity of the fully washed and the clean mouthfeel of the naturals.
Now, you are able to taste how processing can contribute to the flavours and tactile of the same coffee.

CONTRAST BOX, Drip Bag has been curated and packed in individual drip bag.
It is convenient and allows you to experience #atadbetter coffee
anytime, anywhere.

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