Decaffeinated Colombia, Huila




There are many ways to remove caffeine from coffee beans and most of them include water,
organic solvents or carbon dioxide.

This Colombian coffee were washed in the solvent until the caffeine has been extracted into it
and remove the solvent thereafter.

The nutritional value of decaf coffee should be almost identical to regular coffee, less the caffeine content.

We have selected this particular coffee for it taste, as it is very close to regular Colombian coffee. 
Try it to believe it!

Colombia Huila
Region: Huila
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Washed

Flavour Profile:
Wafer, Milk Chocolates, Caramel Nuts


Additional information

Package Size

250g, 1kg

Grind Size

Whole Bean, Espresso, Paper Filter, Metal Filter, French Press, Cold Brew